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Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality, Air Pollution, Environmental Chemistry,

Field Measurements, Atmospheric Aerosols, Climate Change

Landscape Hydrology

Landscape Transport

Environmental Chemistry and Health

Exposome Science

Water Treatment

Environmental Microbiology

Microbial Ecology


Environmental Chemistry

Aquatic Chemistry

Teaching Labs

EN.570.304 – Environmental Engineering Laboratory (3 Credits – Spring)

Introduction to laboratory measurements relevant to water supply and wastewater discharge, including pH and alkalinity, inorganic and organic contaminants in water, reactor analysis, bench testing for water treatment, and measurement and control of disinfection by-products.

EN.570.452 – Experimental Methods in Environmental Engineering and Chemistry (4 Credits)

An advanced laboratory covering principles of modern analytical techniques and their applications to problems in environmental sciences. Topics include electrochemistry, spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography. The course is directed to graduate students and advanced undergraduates in engineering and natural sciences.

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